Lunar eclipse january 14 2020 astrology libra

With this full moon, let yourself imagine saying no to what overextends you and yes to what has you overflowing with good feeling. Working backward from those facts will help you set your life up in ways that free you from the expectation that others can make you happy. That fear, however, can only be cured by making it a reality.

Fail at living up to the warped expectations your mind invented from watching too much TV.

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Fail at being what others wanted for you or from you, and instead meditate on what you want to be for yourself. When you do, you get the glorious experience of succeeding at what is most important in life; being flawed, interesting, and uniquely you. If you look back to the beginning of , what were you beginning as a work project or professional relationship that is now coming to an important stage of its growth? What have you learned and what are you now able to implement successfully?

The commitments you have made in your work life bring you into situations where opportunity and scrutiny come together.

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You may feel pressure to get it right. While doing your homework is especially important right now, so too is showing up open and willing to make the most of the moment. Your spontaneity is as much a skill as your ability to track data and details. Find the professional spaces that can encourage equal amounts of both.


The more playful you can be with your creative process, the deeper it will take you. The more you become a vessel for its energy, the more it will pour into you. It teaches you how to be dedicated yet unattached to the outcome. What we spend energy resisting costs us creatively. Take note of any negative thoughts you have about your ability to make something from scratch.

Any shame that comes up in regards to your creations is natural, but not a guest you want to welcome for long. Get the necessary information from it and then send it on its way. If this lunation brings burn out, be extra kind to your system. Refill and refuel often.

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You are not a machine. You do not need to create like one either. July highlights the bigger career shifts that you are making, adjusting to, and seeking out, but the lunar eclipse goes below the surface of all of that worldly work. Your foundations, your home, and your inner life are asking to be tended to.

Tenderizing you is part of this eclipses plan, so try not to judge or shame yourself for what you need to release. The emotional reactions that swell around eclipses might seem irrational at first glance, but upon reflection, they are often right on the mark. Because eclipses unearth what has been repressed, they can feel shocking.

Like opening up a cupboard only to realize the cat was locked in it, what is desperate for release jumps out. The good news is that paying affectionate attention to what is vying for yours will swiftly shift the situation from overwhelming to understandable. Far from free of complications however, any accomplishment this moon sheds light on will have been hard won. If you look back to the beginning of , what did you set out to do especially in regards to writing, teaching, learning, and communicating that is now having a moment of recognition or in a critical stage of growth? What conversations began back then that are now finding their way into more concrete reality?

What are you talking about with others that feels fulfilling, challenging, or emotionally evocative? This eclipse highlights the many exchanges of information that you are involved in. Whether that is local or long-distance, the mark you make on others right now leaves a long-lasting impression. Spend a little time in the mornings meditating on what you most wish that to be, so you can return to the intention throughout the day when you get off track.

It asks you to purge yourself of the doubts that others have projected onto you. It encourages you to keep clarifying your relationship to your resources. The more you appreciate what it is you have to build with, and what is possible to build with it, the better able you are to cut to the chase and get to it. Doubt is helpful for a hot second when it points out a problem we need to address but, once it has oriented you to the solution, find ways to escape its clutches.

This eclipse stretches out across the landscape of what you have to offer and what others either offer you or keep to themselves.

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You need partners that are not only poised to support the future potential of your projects but also see the integrity, efficiency, and genius at the core of them. Focus on what is working in your relationships with money, assets, and resources, and put down what feels overly taxing or sidetracking right now. In Capricorn, this full moon helps you hone in on your milestones.

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What major markers of achievement have you experienced lately? What did you set out to do at the beginning of the year that you can now say you gave your best effort to or finished outright? What part of your reputation have you been willing to risk in order to live more sincerely centered in your power? Eclipses like these ask for a little sacrifice. The ego is always a good place to start. Being of service strips us of at least some self-importance.

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Being willing to lay down our defenses in order to remember the power of vulnerability is a ritual with incredible benefits. Being more interested in getting clear about what you want, instead of tyring to pretend you are above wanting it, brings that kind of clarity that currates the experience with great speed. It also helps you understand what youno longer need to try and be, chase, or pretend to like. If anything, this eclipse is asking you to be brutally honest with yourself. You deserve at least that much. Eclipse season reminds you that life gets really good when you show up for it and ask what you can give to it.

This eclipse cautions you against looking at your bank balances or career accomplishments for evidence of your worth. Clearing even a little internal space for yourself creates miles of room for your creativity to find its wings. Eclipse season reminds you that what you are able to work on behind the scenes determines the quality of what the world will eventually receive. More than anything, we need to build a life that feels meaningful to us. We need to know we are needed. We need to cultivate connections to the people and the places we feel refueled by.

We need to serve our lives in ways that bring out the best in us. It recalls the friendships you began to build 6 months ago, and what you have been building within them since January. Take a look back and notice what stands out for you in this area of life. This eclipse reminds you of how important it is to find connections that are soulful, deeply nourishing, and grounding in their essence. It comments on the necessary work of serving such connections by creating a space for them, checking up on them, and tending to the emotional issues that are bound to come up within them.

Collage by Chani Here are horoscopes for the second two weeks of July , starting with the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. Adding to the confusion is the fact that Venus will oppose Neptune three times in May 3, May 20 the retrograde hit , and again on July As if that weren't enough, a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5, opposite Venus Retrograde, could make you question everything you thought you knew about love. It's not going to be a good time to make any decision about love, however, you're likely to feel some type of disillusionment or regret about your current romantic scenario.

Remember, this isn't the time to decide that the grass is always greener somewhere else. It just might be your lesson to remember that the grass is green where you choose to water it. Fortunately, if you remember that Venus Retrograde is meant to bring you to next-level awareness about your love life, you'll get to the other side of the lesson and eventually find clarity.

In other news, the way you use your sexual energy may require a revision in Mars will retrograde in his sign of rulership, Aries, from September 9 - November If you've been wasting your sexual energy or have been reckless with it, then expect a lesson.