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Do you find yourself at a career crossroads? Are you seeking clarity, encouragement and new perspectives on your creativity, self-esteem, sexuality or healing process?

Taurus Horoscope For Friday, December 28,

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Client Services: Amy Elliott. Eric's Assistant: Ellen Dockery. Moon opposite or square Venus could well feel torn between her loving mothering duties and satisfying her sensual desires.

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When this happens, one end of the opposition gets projected. Turning it around, the Moon could become the self-righteous martyr-mother who will do anything for her kids. This is the sort of person who thinks treating oneself to the hairdresser is indulgent or selfish. The Moon opposite Venus subject is hungry for love and affection and always thinks someone else is more beautiful, a better parent, more gifted artistically or just plain richer than they are. Their striving for Venusian glamour fuels them to be the best at whatever they do. This is helped by the moon which makes them popular, in tune with the public mood and with arty Venus too creates a pretty package.

Moon square Venus is particularly notable in the arts and in great thinkers.

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The tension of the square spurs the imagination of the Moon plus the artistic leanings of Venus to produce great works of creativity whether it be in music, theatre or fine art. The drive for material wealth is there too as Venus represents pentacle.

The edge of the square may have the native feeling quite uncomfortable with the amount of wealth they acquire so therefore much energy is devoted to bringing harmony or love to those in suffering. Artistic souls will transfer the love through beautiful pieces of artwork, while those in the caring professions will have a generous heart and will be extremely affectionate.

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This hard aspect does not go without its heartache. Daily horoscopes can help us understand our personality and give tips on how we can cope with the challenges of everyday life. We could be put in a better position to make decisions and this could allow us to steer the course to the successful, happy life that we deserve.

Chinese Astrology deals with the celestial science of the five elements Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, Wood, Yin and Yang, Chi, and the cycles of time, and instead of using the sun, like traditional Western astrology, uses calculations based on the moon. The Ancient Chinese astrologers discovered the guide to self-understanding by using a twelve year cycle of personality differences, with each year representing an animal and its reputed attributes. We all have an animal sign, from the Resourceful Rat to the Prodigal Pig, according to the year of your birth.

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These Asiatic horoscopes are studied in the countries of the East as intense as those based on the monthly signs of the Zodiac are studied in the West. When is the next Full Moon?

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When is the next New Moon? All things have energy.

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